Pain Cure Ointment (15 gm)


Sat Pudina, Kapoor, Gandhepure, Turpentine, Nilgiri, Cajuputi, Mustard, Lemon Grass

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Injuries in Joints and muscles results in swelling and stiffness around affected body part this gives rise to unbearable and acute pain also. A major reason for this is interruption of normal blood flow through the impacted area. Pain Cure Ointment is a Researched Product that has a unique & excellent pain relieving properties as compared to a normal balm hence it percolates quickly into the damaged tissues. This faster relief action  lowers the pressure at damaged body part which stimulates and reinstalls the normal flow of blood through veins in quick time and hence the person feels relieved from swelling and stiffness.The ingredients for Pain Cure Ointment are carefully handpicked focusing to relieve the most acute of the body pains. The ingredients like Sat Pudina, Gandhepure Oil, Turpentine Oil, Mustard Oil and Lemon Grass Oil are in themselves know for their anti- inflammatory & pain relief actions . Packed with the properties of such well known ingredients, Pain Cure Ointment is highly recommended in following situations:
* GOUT/RHEUMATISM: A daily massage using Pain Cure Ointment relieves the patients ailment.
* SPONDYLITIS: Application of Pain Cure Ointment for 2 or 3 times daily even controls the acute pain due to spondylitis.
* SCIATICA:  Use Pain Cure Ointment to relieve pains from sciatica.
* JOINT PAIN:  Pains in joints arising due to ageing, obesity or excess of labour can be relieved immediately by the use of Pain Cure Ointment.
* INJURY/SPRAIN: Due to pains arising from involvement in any physically exerting activity or sport etc. use Pain Cure Ointment for 3 or 4 times in a day to heal the injury/sprain quickly.
*BACK ACHE/LOWER BACK PAIN : Exposure to physical stress often result in back pain either near spinal cord or around lower back. Pain Cure Ointment is immensely useful in such conditions.
* HEADACHE/FROZEN SHOULDER: Mental stress, bad weather, excessive use of TV/Computer in same position etc. result either in headache or stiffness in collar bone. neck bone and shoulders. Massage using Pain Cure Ointment to get rid of such pains in initial stages only.
* EXCESSIVE EXERCISE OR PHYSICAL EXERTION: Limbs & Hands feel heavy and jammed due to exercise or exertion beyond normal ability. This results in negatively affecting the productivity at work. use Pain Cure Ointment and get immediate relief for sure.

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