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Anju Ayurveda (a.k.a Anju Pharma) welcome you to the world of oldest science of life. Conceived around 4 decades ago by Mr. Navin Jha, even before the Ayurveda wave hit the country, we derive our name ANJU from four words: AUTHENTIC | NATURAL | JUVENTUS | UNIQUE which act as set of Values in this story of improving health of so many people and winning their trust. The values of ANJU flows through our nerves to serve our mission of bringing “Expertize of Generations….for New Generation”.

Being a healthcare company, the purpose of existence transforms, the moment we start seeing the user of medicine as a human being instead of a customer. This motivates us to be Authentic in our processes to manufacture our products. If our hair oil is claimed to be made as per Ksheer Pak process as described in Ayurveda texts, we follow it as sacrosanct. To bring the best efficacy and results of the products we ensure using Natural ingredients as prescribed. Being youthful is a state of mind as much as it is being physically youthful. The third value Juventus (meaning Youth) channelizes our efforts by keeping the young generation at the center of our work. This helps us to make our products easy to know, easy to understand, easy to use and easy to buy for the millennial user. By being Unique in our approach we blend the traditional wisdom with the technology to ensure a direct connect with our consumer and being agile to offer new products regularly.

We are proud to mention that the users of Anju Ayurveda span across four generations. Currently, we offer close to 50 products in categories like: Skin care, Pain relief, Hair Care, General Health, Gastric & Digestive, Ear & Throat and Dental & Oral. All our products are safe to be used with no side effects and act either preventive solution or early stage curative solutions for variety of health disorders and wellness that too starting from INR 10/-.

So, join us in reaping the benefits of Ayurveda for health & wellness!

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