AP 31 Capsule (60 Cap)


Health Benefits of AP-31:

Antiaging Blood Purifier, Nourishment of Tissues & Bones Improved Sexual Potency, Resistance to Stress Hypertension , Diabetes Strong memory & Cognitive Power, Prevents energy loss Liver Protction.

Dose: 2 Capsules at night with cup pf lukewarm milk or as prescribed by physician.

Use AP-31 daily to enhance your performance and improve your health.

Continuous. Fatigue, Emotional & Metabolic Stress, Anxiety, Palpitation, Quick Aging, Depression, Acute joint Pain , Blood Pressure, Insomnia, Low Sex Drive, Frequent Health issues. AP 31 is a special Ayurvedic formulation that caters to specific but important needs of males, arising after 30 years of age. The Major Ingredients of AP-31 are Ashwagandha,
Vidhara, Prabal Bhasm and Kuchala Sat, These ingredients have health improving properties and prevent various disorders.


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