Karn Priya Tel (5 ml)


Ears are one of the most delicate and complex organs in human body. Hence it requires special care on daily basis and in conditions of injury, pain or other problem the medication needs to be done very carefully. General reasons of ear pain and sensation could be: exposure to water, exposure to too loud and nosily surrounding, accumulation of wax in ears, pressure exerted on ears while sleeping or any other injury etc. Delay in providing medication may result in deteriorating the condition and could cause physical- mental and financial problem. Hence, in conditions of Ear Pain, Stiffness and Sensation use Anju Karn Priya Tel two times a day. It is an extremely effective Ayurvedic Product with ingredients- Kshaar tel, Acacia Arabica, Neem and Swarnakshiri which offer quick relief in conditions like Ear pain, Stiffness and Sensation.

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