Anju Chhala Go Gel ( 5 ml)


I Ayurveda, Mouth Ulcers are known as MUKHPAKA (Mukh means mouth and paka means swelling). The causes for this condition could be either external or internal. A few main causes are Excess consumption of very dry, salty/rough , oily or spicy food, Deficiency of  Vitamin B-12, Zinc, Folic Acid and Iron, Irregular &  insufficient sleep patters, Vaat 7 Pitta maintaining Oral Hygiene, Stress and Emotional disturbance. Due to these reasons, body experiences Pitta dosh that give rise to ulcers / sores in mouth, on tongue and inner walls of cheeks. Ignorance of these symptons at  early stage might result in problem in speaking clearly , pain in opening mouth, problem in chewing the food and ever fever.

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