Anju Tooth Drop (5 ml)


Negligence in maintaining good oral habits, not cleaning the mouth properly or consuming very hot, cold or hard edible items often affect the teeth which results in acute pain. If the problems is not addressed in time it may results in decay of teeth right from root  develops foul smell from mouth and contracts similar disorders to neighbouring teeth.In such condition , a soothing but effective cure that can be applied within mouth is needed unlike applications used to relieve muscular pain which contain non- edible ingredients. Hence  Anju tooth Drop  proves to be a really useful and effective medicine that doesn’t have any side effect. It can be used by a person of any age.

Anju tooth Drop contains extremely beneficial ingredients like Ajwain ( Carom seeds), laung (black Cumin), Neelgiri (Eucalyptus) and Kapoor (Camphor). All these items are edible in nature and find their wide application in Indian kitchens. Hence, when taken for medical use, they neither cause any side effect nor disturb the taste but, stop the pain immediately and also help in curing the cause of pain. Not only that, Anju Tooth Drop provides a freshening feel to mouth and breath. This Prevents the foul smell due to decaying tooth.
Dosage: Put 2-3 drops of Anju Tooth Drop on a clean cotton piece and apply it on painful tooth. It provides immediate relief from pain. In case of acute pain apply Anju Tooth Drop 2 to 3 times a day.

To prevent decaying of teeth, keep a note of following things

A. Stop consumption of Pan-Guthka-Tobacco etc.

B. Stop taking too hot or too cold items.

C Clean the mouth properly after eating.

D Do brush the teeth twice, daily

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