Anju Tulsi Ark (5 ml)


Composition: Each 10 Contains: Shyam Tulsi Ext. 2ml., Vishnu Tulsi Ext. 2ml., Ram Tulsi Ext. 2ml., Nimbu Tulsi Ext. 2ml., Van Tulsi Ext. 1.5ml., Excipient 0.5 ml.
Interesting Facts about Tulsi: Ancient Indian Medical System emphasized use of Tulsi and hence. Tulsi was made part of daily religious rituals. Having Tulsi plant in house, worshiping it daily and using it as part of food is still common in traditional indian families.
Health Benefits of Anju Tulsi Ark Over 25 applications like: Enhances immunity & Nervile ability, Adaptogen, Anti-oxidant, Anti bacterial, Anti-viral, Anti infectant, Anti -inflammatory assists digestion, clears sore throat and relieves breathing problem, cough & cold bronchitis etc.

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