Ruz Skin Ointment (20 gm)


Neem, Sulphur, Zinc Oxide, Boric Acid, Karanj

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Various internal conditions like stress, blood impurities, adolescence, puberty and intake of spicy food etc. and external conditions like lack of personal hygiene, exposure to pollution, dust continuous sweat insomnia, hard water , minor accidents etc. are manifested in numerous , forms on skin like Acne Pimples, Ulcers (Phode-Phunsi), Cracks on palm-under arms-heels, Psoriasis, Itches, Rashes, Scratches, Cuts, Bruises,Burns, Bolls etc. All these indications have similar root causes and here are curable through the unique Ayurvedic formulation: Ruz Skin Ointment. It is an effective antiseptic cream that helps in getting back the healthy, beautiful and glowing skin. Comprised of time tested herbal and ayurvedic ingredients like Neem, Sulphar, Camphor, Jasat Phusp, Tankal Amla(Boric Powder) and Karanj Oil mixed in Ointment Base makes RUZ unique its application and action. When applied, it acts in following manner on the skin:
PROTECTOR: Being an ointment base, RUZ immediately starts protecting skin from being exposed to dust and infection.
HEALER: Jasat Pushp, Tankan Amla and Karanj Oil are germicides and thus make healing quicker and effective. These three ingredients help in sucking the moisture and water content from the affected part and make it dry. It helps in removing germs from that part.
ANTISEPTIC: Sulphur, Neem and Camphor are very effective antiseptic which help preventing spread of further infection. At the same time, Camphor gives a soothing feel and overcomes the inflammation due to infection.

DIRECTION FOR USE: Clean the affected part with lukewarm water and then apply RUZ Skin Ointment gently thrice a day. Protect the affected part from dust. A visible difference would be found within 2-3 days of regular use. Abstain from using soap on infected part during application of RUZ. it is to be used only for external applications.

PRESENTATION :  RUZ is available in an attractive 20 gm. leakage proof Lami tube in attractive carton.


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