Anju Vigourex Capsule (40 Caps Pack)


Intersting facts about Ashwagandha: Also Called Indian Ginseng , its usage in Ayurveda dates back to 6000 BCI Widely used food supplement in the wellness movement going on
across the world, it si proven that when taken in mental stress conditions it reduces cortisol secretion up to 26% & hence is a great stress buster. Pregnant woman are suggested to avoid its use.


Anju Vigourex Capsule: is rich in withanolides & acts as super adaptogen, which improves: youthfulness, immunity, endurance, brain & nervous function, testosterone level & reproductive health, muscle mass & reduces: inflammation growth of free radicals, blood sugar level, cortisol, depression, stress & disorders related to brain, heart , liver, Stomach, Kidney etc.


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