Saundarya Syrup (450 ml)


Anju Saundarya Syrup relieves the conditions like:

white discharge, irregular menstrual cycle, helps managing low sex drive, weakness in genital organs, infection, purifies blood. Helps generating new blood, relieves problems related to menopause and osteoporosis.

Lodhra, Manjistha, Gokhru, Brahmi, Punarnava, Ashwgandh, Musli, Shankhpushpi, Daru Haldi, Mulethi, Shatavari etc.

Anju Saundarya Syrup derives its power from 24 Ayurvedic herbs like: Shatavari, Punarnava, Brahmi, Ashwgandha, Musli, Shankhpushpi, Lodhra, Manjishtha Daru Haldi, Mulethi etc. Hence it has remarkable results in all the above mentioned, applications and it also acts to prevent their occurrences, Hence for a healthy-beautiful, body and mind  use Anju Saundarya Syrup regularly It is useful for ladies of all the age- groups. Dose: Take 1 teaspoon full, Anju Saundarya Syrup twice a day before meals or as directed by physician.



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