Vama Cream + Anju Alvera Gel



Vama Cream

Vama Cream is a trusted ayurvedic product since last four decades to manage variety of day-to-day ailments related to skin. Powered with multiple proven ingredients as per ayurveda: Kokum Butter, Boric Acid, Lead Oxide, Zinc Oxide in petroleum jelly makes it a very effective solution for day-to-day disorders which initially are ignored but result in multiple after-issues if not taken seriously. A few ailments cured by Vama Cream are: Cracked feet, Dry skin, Rough/ruptured palms, Sun burn, after Shave, Cuts/Burns in kitchen, Fungal infections, minor Wounds etc.

Vama Cream is safe to be used for any age above 3 years and is a unisex cream.

Alovera Gel

Indication: Acne, Sunburn, Skin, Aging, Infection, Undesired marks on Skin, Cuts, Burn, Wounds etc.
Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis 98 % , Excepients Q.S




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