Anju Nari Rasayan (2 * 40 Capsules) + Anju Saundarya Syrup (450 ml)


Anju Nari Rasayan Capsule

Indication : Prevents Osteoporosis, Gives relief in Anemia Irregular periods, White
Discharge, Physical Weakness, Menopause etc.

Anju Saundarya Syrup 450 ml

A Female’s body can be categorized in 4 age groups depending on its physical needs. In every age-group, a lady faces varied health issues:
* Adolescence Due to start of menstrual cycle White Discharge, irregular Periods, Menstrual disorders, Irritation, Inflammation, Hot stroke, Weakness, Nausea, Mental-stress, Anxiety, Problems related to development of Reproductive Organs etc.
* Child Bearing Age-Group Low Libido, diminishing Sex Drive, weakness in Reproductive organs, Vaginal infection, Poor Blood quality, lack of Haemoglobin, Anaemia, Pregancy related issues, Infertility, Backache, Weakness, Depression, Insomnia, Low Appetite Lack of Confidence etc.
* Mid Life Age-Group Menopause, Flurry, Continuous Headache, Allergy, irregular Bleeding, Digestion related disorders, Exhaustion, Physical tenderness, Memory issues, Swollen Joints, Muscular pain,unusual Obesity, High BP etc.
* Old Age-Group Osteoporosis, Brittieness of Bones, continous Pain in Back- Waist, Restrictions in walking, repeated Bone, related injury, frequent Fractures, deformation of Spine and other bones, lowered Calcium composition, Lowering of Bone Density.
Anju Saundaraya Syrup derives its power from 24 Ayurvedic herbs like: Shaatavari
Punarnava, Brahmi, Aghwgandha, Musli, Shankhpushpi, Lodhra, Manjishtha
Daru Haldi, Mulethi etc. Hence it has rearkable results in all the above mentioned
applications and it also acts to prevent their occurrences.
Hence for a healthy-beautiful body and mind It is useful for ladies of all the age- groups. Dose: Take 1 teaspoon full Anju Saundarya Syrup twice a day before meals or as directed by physician.

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