Panchsudha (10 Cap)


Ayurvedic system emphasizes on keeping the balance of Gases – Acids and Cough to prevent various bodily disorders. This balance gets distorted due to various day-to day activities like.
Consumption of Oily, heavy or spicy food . Unregulated eating habits and taking food very late in night. Less water intake or excessive dehydration. Consumption of impure water. Exposure to extreme climatic conditions (summer or winter). Infection transmitted through surrounding (air/water borne). Exerting the body beyond normal limits etc.
Use of Pancsudha aims at preventing and curing the various disorders developed through the habits like the ones mentioned above.Now Panchsudha is available in Capsule as well as Drop from making it usable for any age.

Following natural ingredients are responsible to make Panchsudha an extremely effective medicine.
Capsule: Menthol-Camphor-Thymol-Clove Oil-Oil Anethi-Soda
Drops: Menthol-Camphor-Thymol-Eucalyptus Oil-Oil Anethi-Clove Oil Due to its ingredients, Panchsudha is a “Unique Home Remedy” that cures various domestic disorders effectively and quickly.
* Stomach Pain, Sunstroke, Gastric Trouble, Cold & Cough, Dizziness,Vomiting/Loose Motion, Seasonal Fever, Fever, Headache,Traveling Sickness, Indigestion, Uneasiness, Lethargy/Tiredness,Allergy, Water borne disorders etc. Panchsudha is known to be effective in over 25 disorders related to Gas-Acidity-Cough imbalance and has unique preventive actions.
Indication to use:
Age Panchsudha Cap Panchsudha Drop
0-1 year A pinch of Powder to be given twice a day or as required 1 drop(with sugar)to be given twice a day or as required
1 to 10 years 1 Capsule with water, 2 to 3 times a day or as required 2 to 3 drops(with sugar)2-3 times a day or as required
10 years & above 2 Capsule with water, 3 times a day or as required 5 to 7 drops, 3 times a day or as required
Hence, it is advised to take a dose of Panchsudha( Capsule or Drops) regularly, especially in summers, while stepping out of home to prevent the above disorders.

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