Anju Sugam Churn (100 gm)


Excellent Ayurvedic Medicine to administer Constipation, Gas, Acidity, Indigestion, Stomach related ailments etc.

Powered with Trifla, Ajwain, Kala Namak, Nosadar, Mulethi, Vaividang, Senna Leaves

Constipation: When motion happens for less than 3 times a week and is difficult to eject due to being hard and dry then this condition is called constipation.
When it stays in the large intestine for a long time stool dries up. If the stool is soft and motion happens more than 3 times a week then it is normally not called constipation. There are various reasons of constipation : Lack of physical exercise , less fluid intake, insufficient/ unwholesome diet, lack of fibrous material in food, heat due to strong medicine, pregancy, travelling, irregular meals, old age etc. Prolonged constipation makes the stool harder and thus extra effort is required during motion. This causes stomach ache, piles,fistula, acidity etc.
Anju Sugam Churn: is the natural as well as safe remedy for constipation. Regular dose of Anju Sugam Churn keeps constipation away and prevents one from the problems that could result due to it.Indication: Constipation , Acidity, Gastric and Pitta related problems.

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