Amar Hair Oil (100 ml)


Amar Bel, Kalaunji, Neem Leaf, Bringraj, Coconut Oil

In today’s lifestyle, it is very difficult to give proper attention to take good care of hairs due to which they become weak, dull and also affected by dandruff.
Even greying of hair also a growing problems in today’s youth. A few major reasons are: Lack of hygiene : Accumulation of sweat, dust etc. on the scalp. Continuous suffering from cold /cough Excessive stress in  professional/personal life. Use of hard chemicals for hair like: synthetic oils, shampoos etc. Improper & imbalanced food habits and nutrition.  Amar Hair Oil : Not a Cosmetic Oil.. But an Ayurvedic Hair Nutrition To prevent and cure the above mentioned hair problems, Amar Hair Oil is  ayurvedic solution that is not a cosmetic oil rather it is a medicated nutrition for healthy hairs.
Amar Hair Oil is best due to following reasons : Processed with ksheer Pak Vidhi : As described in Ayurveda, Khseer Pak Vidhi requires the herbs to be boiled with milk of Indian  ( Desi ) Cow till the time total volume remains half. by doing so, the active ingredients in herbs are absorbed by the milk and the resulting solution becomes even more effective for hair. Natural Coconut Oil : Due to its content of natural coconut oil,  Amar Hair Oil,freezes in winter. the purpose to use natural coconut oil is  to prevent artificial chemicals to come in contact with hair. Use of natural herbs : Powered with Amar Bel , Kalonji, Neem, Bhringanj etc. Use : Extremely useful in cases of hair Loss, Dandruff,
Premature greying, scalp dryness, irritation on scalp etc. Amar Hair Oil is useful in ensuring stress free sleep. Also Amar Hair Oil is useful in improving hair density, making  hair black, healthy and beautiful.
Direction for Use : Clean the scalp with lukewarm water and apply Amar Hair Oil in required quantity before sleep and massage at the roots of hair for 5 to 10 minute. For better results use Amar Hair Oil regularly.

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