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i have used the Zalim X ruz and Vama cream and got benefited by it. The Skin infection of my hand is almost healed. It is a very good product.

Ms. Vipul Gupta

"Panchsudha capsules really worked as a miracle in relieving my stomach disorder due to probably food poisoning. Being a herbal formula I had no hesitation in consuming it and within four hours I was hail and hearty again to resume my daily chores. Wonderful medicine, would recommend it for all going through stomach upset, stomach pain, diarrohea, vomiting etc. Thanks."

Ms. Rekha Atri, Associate Professor

"Panchsudha Capsules work amazingly for cough and cold.I consumed just one capsule and got relief.I usually suffered for weeks from cough and cold but this time when I had this capsule I was ok by just next morning.Thanks Panchsudha. "

Ms. Neha Mhaskar

Journey to Smooth Palms…Sent by one of our users

Before using Zalim-X Ruz:


After using Zalim-X Ruz for 15 days only

"I am very satisfied with Vama Cream. It actually works"

Ms. Neha Mhaskar

" I must say, that I have gotten results after using the Zalim-X Ruz. I no longer have the rash. It's gone. However, I am still applying the products. I do hope that the rash will not reoccur. I am very much pleased with the results ."

Ms. Nadia Suba
Florida, US

" Sir,
We have used your products i.e. Mekado Balm and found the same very effective in pain relief. Panchsudha capsules are also very effective against vomiting, uneasiness and nausea. "

Rajni (House wife) & Kandarp K Thakore
Bank of Baroda, Mumbai


" Dear sir,

Am applying the cream from the day I received it through courier. It is a very good cream. Earlier I used to have continuous itching but Zalim-X Ruz have solved my problem. The marks are also disappearing slowly. ."



" My feet used to crack during winters and it used to be painful to walk. But, since when I started using VAMA CREAM I have soft feet all round the year ."

Ms. Kumud Makoday
Indore (MP)


" Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you for providing me the Hair Oil.

I am providing you my feedback very late, but the reason being I wanted to be frank and fair in my feedback. One more reason for giving late feedback is that I have shaved my head and was waiting for my hairs to grow and experience the effect of hair oil.

I like the hair oil very much and I have experienced that my hair has became thick from earlier. I believe that if this oil is used regularly then one can definitely stop or at least delay the thinning and ultimately loosing the hairs. As it is said precaution is better than cure this hair oil acts as a best medium to avoid hair fall. "

Once again thanx a lot !!!

Rohit Modh

" I want to thank you for suggesting me PANCHSUDHA Capsules for my sever stomach pain and gastric trouble. Panchsudha is so effective that within 15 minutes it gave me a great relief from stomach pain. As you know my traveling is very frequent and because of which I have to face the change in climatic condition and water. After this experience I always carry PANCSUDHA Capsules with me. Believe it or not it gave me a kind of confidence. It is an ultimate home remedy medicine without any side-effects. "

Mayank Satsangi


" Hi,
I am a software engineer by profession and I do not get much time to run to doctors for small problems like dry skin, itching etc. But then , some problems are not easy to ignore.

I was quite tensed by the increase of a dry patch on my elbow. Even though there was a lot of itching I had to avoid it because scratching it might've made it even worse as it could be a psoriasis patch. So, as a general solution it tried petroleum jellies, moisturizers, antiseptic creams etc. But it always came back when the creams wore off.

Then I came across a friend who gave me a sample of VAMA cream saying it's an efffective cream for skin problems and it is 100 % herbal. I did not have much faith in it but I thought to give it a try and hesitantly I applied VAMA on my dry elbow patch.

Miracles do happen ! Next morning I tried so hard to find that dry patch on the elbow but it wasn't there, not even the remains of it. It's been 6 months and I have hardly used the cream twice on my elbow but the dry patch never came back.

So, I am free from dry skin and itching now and have a great faith in VAMA. Everybody at my home is using VAMA for the skin problems like cracks, fungal infection, itching, dry-skin and other skin problems. "

Thanks & Regards,
Aditya Shrivastava
Impetus Infotech India Pvt Ltd.


" Dear Sir, I am back and I thank you for all your attention and support during my stay. I give you my first opinion on your products especially PANCHSUDHA! I reached Delhi without vomiting. May god bless you I will send you my required list to start translation into French Hope we will do very good business. Warm regards "

Mr Adamou FOFANA
Tel : 0022670240384
FAX : 0022650362185





" Dear Mitesh,
Thanks for introducing the Vama Cream. It has wondrous effect especially on cracked skin. It has a smoothening effect and is also very fragrant when applied because of its main ingredient being "Chandan". It worked miraculously in healing the soreness of my heels and was equally effective when my husband applied it to the infected skin between the toes.
Thanks once again "

Rekha Attri
Core Business School


" Hi Meetesh,
I used Mekado balm and it was very effective. My first experience when I had pain in my left thumb, after getting injury because of playing volleyball, i massaged the balm on it before sleep, next day when i woke up it was total relief for me. then i used it when i was suffering from cold, again I put it on nose and throat and got relief very soon. Thank you so much for giving me such an effective balm ."



" Dear Meetesh,
I would like to say thank you for providing me with a cream for my use that is all natural. As of now i havent got chance to use but my mother used it and got better results on cracks she prefer to use natural products.My mother tried several other products and they just didn't help. Your VAMA CREAM is excellent! Keep up the great work ! "

Vaibhav Korea
Creative Web Designer
Mob: 98934 19105



" Hi Meetesh,
Finally, a product that does what it says it'll do!! I've tried all the high-priced, fancy lotions for dry skin and they don't come close to doing what Vama Cream does. I'll be checking out your other products too. I'm a believer! "

Shirish namdeo
Creative Web Designer
Mob: 93290 55444





" My experience of the Panchsudha Liquid & Capsule was incredibly inspiring. The benefits have been so significant that they have influenced a change to my lifestyle, diet and how I take care of myself in mind, body and spirit ."

... Naleen


" This is one of the best Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical company in the area! The prices are right, the intentions are good, and best of all - it's ALL ABOUT YOU. "

... Meer M Yoga Instructor


" It has been several days since completing Nari Rasayan and the difference it has made in my well being is truly remarkable. I want to thank you for the same --- I was very much impressed."

... Priyank


" It is a truly holistic treatment and its effects unfolded both during the treatment and for some time afterwards. The Panchakarma treatments were unique, I quickly relaxed and recommend Pain Relief Ointment as a true 'spring clean' for your entire being. "

... Neeraj


" I had moderate to severe acne from my teenage years until 2004. I had tried untold number of alternative therapies, until I discovered Zalim X Ruz it led to my acne completely clearing within 2-3 months. It has not recurred since then. "

... Miya

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