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A Multi-Action Ayurvedic Formulation for various Body Pains

The so called fast paced modern lifestyle is highlighted by lack of physical exercises, sitting in improper posture, sedentary work culture and improper nutrient supply etc. Any of these practices result in either deformation of bones; rupturing of muscles; weakening of bones or stressing the bones/muscles. This damage is manifested in various forms. Most common of them is intermittent or continuous pain in affected body parts. Frequent encounters with such condition disrupt the pace of work and distract concentration which might result in inefficiency and often frustration. Prolonged and continuous existence of such pains may further get aggravated to long term disorders like Artheritis, Slip Disk etc. Hence, some treatment is required in first stage that can relax the stressed bones and muscles by activating the local nervous system and increase the rate of blood-flow in veins.

Pain-Off Oil is a unique answer to such problems. It is an Ayurvedic formulation with most effective raw materials which are known for their actions in such physical disorders. In addition to its proven impact in various pains of the body it is also very helpful in variety of situations like muscle pull during working out in gymnasium, swelling due to injury while playing or due to minor accident, common-cold, nasal congestion etc. Pain-Off Oil being liquid percolates into the skin pores very quickly without leaving an odour or stickiness which might result in stains on cloth. Pain-Off Oil is a non-greasy, easy to use preparation containing volatile natural ingredients. Pain-Off Oil shows a rapid action in a few minutes of its application and relieves the affected body part.

How does it Work? :
Whenever a particular body part either gets injured due to some impact or gets deformed due to repeated negligence, the specific muscle/bone becomes stressful and starts to feel pressure. Due to this pressure, there is the sensation or feeling of pain and the temperature of that area also increases. Hence, the flow of blood in that part gets slow and at times swelling also takes place. In such condition, Pain-Off Oil which has very effective ingredients, if applied, first of all provides a cooling effect which creates a temperature difference between the affected body part and surrounding parts. This reduces the pressure also and the flow of blood gets normalizes and the damaged cells start responding. Then, with curative ingredients like Eucalyptus Oil, Gandhepure Oil, Turpentine Oil etc. the cells are repaired and healed.

The ingredients used in Pain-Off Oil targets three actions :
   a. To provide Cooling Effect to the affected area
   b. To provide quick Relieve Pain
   c. To provide Curative Actions against most of the causes of pain

 Mint (Mentha Piperata, सत पुदीना) : Rich source of natural pesticides – pulegone and menthone, it works through a specific anti-pain channel to reduce pain sensing fibres. It provides cooling effect at the affected part of the body.

 Camphor (Cinnamomum Camphora, कपूर) : Widely used in its raw form also, Camphor is really useful in relieving the pain because it increases the local blood flow. In addition to act as a pain reliever, it has its application in curing infected respiratory tract. It creates stimulation in nerves which results in relieving the pain.

 Gandhapura Oil (Gaultheria Fragrantissima, गंधापुरा तेल): With applications in Indian and Chinese medicine system, Gandhapura Oil has its effects as pain reliever in general and for rheumatic Arthritis in specific.

 Eucalyptus Oil (Eucalyptus Globulus, नीलगिरी तेल) A natural stimulant of nervous system, it finds multiple applications like reactivating the choked muscles, clearing the nasal and respiratory tract (decongestant) etc.

 Turpentine Oil (Pinus Sylvestris, तारपीन का तेल) Used in various forms Turpentine Oil is helpful in curing body aches, joint, muscle & nerve pain etc.

 Cajuputi Oil (Melaleuca Leucadendra, कयपूति का तेल) : An active ingredient for inhalants, inflammation remedies, decongestants and topical pains. It also has antiseptic properties.

 Jaifal Oil (Myristica Fragrans, जावित्री का तेल) : Out of many applications, its presence in Pain-Off Oil makes it effective in cases of rheumatism and muscle spasm etc.


  • Swelling due to Injury: Swelling while playing, running, due to insect bites or doing household chores is very common in day-to-day life. Pain-Off Oil gives immediate relief to the damaged part and helps you regain fitness in very less time.
  • Muscular Pains associated with fever: Due to raised temperature of the body during fever, the muscles undergo wear and tear which is really painful at times. At the same time prolonged laying in the same posture also strains the muscle. Apply Pain-Off Oil for such problems to get faster relief.
  • Joint Pain: In old age or in condition of being overweight, the knee joints; ankle joints etc. are in continuous stress and hence start to pain which remains continuous. Even the wrist joints, elbow joints etc. keep paining due to continuous work on computer. These conditions can be alleviated by using Pain-Off Oil when the pain starts.
  • Backache: Due to sedentary work requirements, continuously traveling in standing positions to commute, sitting/laying in a particular posture or even due to pregnancy or other medical condition backache is common in almost every household. To get rid of this, lie horizontally with your back upwards and roll Pain-Off Oil well through the affected area or parallel to spinal cord and get a gentle massage done for 10 to 15 minutes. The ache should be relieved in this duration.
  • Headache: Due to the presence of camphor and mint which have dramatic medicinal applications, Pain-Off Oil relieves headache within minutes and the patient gets rid of the feeling of uneasiness and lack of concentration.
  • Frozen Shoulders / Shoulder Pain: Due to exerting work or sport; wrong posture while sleeping etc. shoulders may get frozen and pain a lot. A massage after applying Pain-Off Oil works like magic to provide immediate relief.
  • Neck Pain: Continuous driving, working on computer/laptops or even continuously viewing television the neck often gets jammed and the person is unable to make sidewise movements of neck. This is the first symptom of related problems. Further damage can be checked by applying Pain-Off Oil and it gives relief in no time.
  • Spondylitis: Inflammation of vertebral joints results in Spondylitis which causes continuous pain. Use Pain-Off Oil to get rid of acute pain within a matter of few minutes. Continue using Pain-Off Oil daily for 2 to 3 times till the problem persists.
  • Arthritis: Arthritis is a condition of body joints disorder. This can be due to some infection in joint, continuous exposure to pressure on joint or age. The joints generally get deformed in such a condition and continuous pain is a common feature. Seeing the symptoms one must refer the physician, immediately. While, to relieve the pain in this condition Pain-Off Oil is known to do wonders. Immediate relief from pain provides positive attitude to the patient to carry on with other treatments.
  • Sciatica: Caused by compression or irritation of any of the five sciatic nerves. The symptoms can be observed as lower back pain, buttock pain, numbness and weakness in various parts of legs and feet. The permanent treatment should be done under the observation of the doctor but use Pain-Off Oil to have complete relief from the pain. This helps the patient to continue with his daily chores instead of getting confined to bed.
  • Lumbago: Several number of man-days are wasted due to this wide spread problem which in more simple terms known as “Lower Back Pain”. The causes are manifold like wrong ways to workout in gym, exertion during sports, physically stressful work conditions etc. Use Pain-Off Oil for immediate relief from pain.
  • Sprain: Ligaments when stretched beyond capacity gets damaged resulting in sprain. In extreme cases it results in complete immobilization and demands surgical repair of damaged part of the body. To relieve pain in this condition use Pain-Off Oil.
  • Cough & Cold: Due to sudden weather changes and increasing pollution cough and cold are found widely. Because of the presence of Neelgiri (Eucalyptus) Oil roll Pain-Off Oil on the neck and on nose. The fumes relieve cough and cold within 3 minutes of application.
  • Nasal & Chest Congestion: It is very uneasy and embarrassing to carry oneself with congested nasal and chest. People tend to avoid such person in order to prevent themselves from possible infection. Apply Pain-Off Oil well on chest to get quick relief. For children apply some Pain-Off Oil on their handkerchief while they go to school. The pleasant aroma of eucalyptus along with its medicinal properties clears the congestion and at the same time prevents from further infection. Pain-Off Oil may be used as an inhaler to relieve congestion and blocking of nose.

Pain-Off Oil is available in a very handy and easy to use roll-on glass casing of 10 ml. The glass casing is then packaged in a laminated carton. Tilt the bottle and gently roll the white plastic ball on affected part. This ensures complete contact with the affected part without wasting the material.


  • For external use only
  • Don’t apply it on eyes and mucous membrane
  • Contains inflammable raw material
  • If any untoward reaction is observed, discontinue its use, immediately


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